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Hi! I’m Beeb Ashcroft, owner and editor of Cooking Catastrophe. As a food lover and blogger, I’ve been struck by the humor of spending an inordinate amount of time making food look picture perfect for blog posts – while my kitchen is trashed with pots and pans from all the baking. I’ve had a love for baking and cooking since I was 12, and since I like to experiment in the kitchen, it occasionally results in some epic fails. This site is dedicated to all aspects of cooking – from sharing yummy recipes to laughing at the disastrous ones!

In addition to this site, I run Beeb-Log, Super Coupon Girl, Contest Corner, and several other sites for the international market. I’ve been a journalist for 16 years and a blogger for 4 and 1/2 – if you have questions or PR inquires, feel free to drop me a line!

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Beeb Ashcroft

Owner & editor
As a food blogger, I love to make delicious recipes - but real life doesn't always look like Pinterest! From the triumphs to the tragedies, this blog is dedicated to the funny side of cooking.