Housesitting Catastrophes: I Clogged a Bathtub With Ranch Dressing

My Facebook Status...

This was my Facebook status over the weekend. What could inspire such a cryptic update?

Ranch disaster

THAT! What you are looking at is an explosion of Ranch dressing. Let’s get a closeup so you can get a better view of how expansive this mess was:

Fridge Covered in Ranch

Jai and I were housesitting for Grandma while she was out of town, and I had brought along a new appetizer maker that I wanted to try out. I had received it as a review item for MomStart, and wanted to make some fun sandwiches to snack on and serve to my friend who was coming over to celebrate her belated birthday. Grandma had a Costco-sized tub of Ranch dressing in her fridge, and I had gotten the brilliant idea of putting a little on my hors d’oeuvres. I was reaching for a spoon when the tub slipped out of my hands and onto the floor. Not only was the lid off, so the dressing went flying out of the top, but the plastic tub also shattered around the sides, so it went in every direction, reaching as far as the dining room carpet.

I tried mopping it up with paper towels, but the volume of Ranch was far too much; I knew I would need a mop. I couldn’t find a bucket anywhere, so I rinsed the mop in the bathtub…which began to back up. And that, my friends, is how I clogged up a bathrub with Ranch dressing.

Ranch Closeup

It took a while, but we got the hair out of the bathtub that had been causing it to drain slowly and scrubbed every inch of the floors. Between mopping the floors and trying to stop Bob the dog from jumping on the counter and eating all the appetizers, it took me 3 hours to get these sandwiches made.

My Hard-Won Appetizer

At least my appetizers looked nice, right?

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9 thoughts on “Housesitting Catastrophes: I Clogged a Bathtub With Ranch Dressing

  1. hahahaha! That is too funny! I can only imagine how excited Bob the dog would have been to eat those appetizers. They look really good though, Beeb. :)

  2. I would spin this as “complimentary cleaning of the kitchen and bathtub were provided”

    Great story, and the appetizer at least turned out!

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