FitBloggin’ Swag Snacks Reviewed

Love for Lenny And Larry

Yes, FTC, as the title implies, these snacks all came in my swag bag at FitBloggin’, AKA free – score! And as you might have gathered, everyone got swag bags, so no one was expecting me to write anything or pose in my super awesome shirt while eating my tasty brownie. ;) If I thought being a food blogger was hard, being a fashion blogger would have to be the hardest. I might be a major fashionista, but when I think of all the work that goes into posing for beauty fashionshoots all I can do is give huge props. So, you will have to forgive me for looking like the blurry FitBloggin’ zombie in this one – I’ll call it interpretive art since that’s kind of how I feel after conference week. ANYWAY!

So Lenny & Larry are two cool dudes that make “Muscle Brownies” packed with protein. I got a few of these to taste test in my swag bag and they’re quite nice – they come in flavors like Triple Chocolate and Cookies & Cream, which are sweeter than you’d expect for this type of snack/meal replacement. I love easy meal options like this during zombie week after a business event!

I also had a chance to try Hemp Hearts for the first time this past week via Manitoba Harvest. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but these are like a nutty seed – it reminds me a bit of pine nuts. I’ve been stirring these into my Power Pak Pudding and it’s pretty good that way – I’d like to try them on a salad next.

We also got a few sticks of Simply Snackin’ jerky, and oh boy, were these a hit! Jai is a big jerky fan (Jerky boy?!) so he quickly set about eating one of the chicken breast varieties – don’t ask me which, he ate it before I could check ;) – and very much enjoyed it. I tried the Dried Beef Sirloin and was really impressed at how soft it was – my main problem with jerky is that I feel like I have to break my jaw in half to eat it. This was moist and effortless to eat as well as being delicious. I’m impressed!

And there you go – the tastes of FitBloggin’, reviewed! I love trying new food so it’s fun to go to an event like this where there are new-to-me eats everywhere.

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34 thoughts on “FitBloggin’ Swag Snacks Reviewed

  1. Brownies that are healthy? Jerky that doesn’t feel like your teeth are being pulled out? It all sounds pretty good to me!

  2. Tammy, that’s neat!

    Christy – it is quite dense so I’d say you can either eat it as a mid-morning snack by itself or with something else to round it out for a full breakfast. :)

  3. First of all.. I LOVE your hair color!! Second… this sounds like the best swag bag ever. Muscle brownies??? NEED THEM!

  4. I am so envious of the great snacks that you received and I am totally craving some Muscle Brownies now!

  5. Did you say Brownies? Ok, you got me I will have to try these snacks. Plus we love Jerky and to know my teeth want come out is a plus too…lol

  6. I would love to try all of these fun health conscious treats! I eat hemp hearts almost every day inside my nightly fruit and yogurt parfait.

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